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  • 1st Ever Mod

    well from advice from fellow members have purchased a courtney panel filter online last night,now waiting for delivery.
    Hope its good!,
    My theroy is start modding small then hopefully increase? any ideas next?

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      for a normal vxr id say remus n downpipe but yours prefitted!
      So you prob best getin it remaped or get an IC.


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        how much does a remap cost ? is that from regal ? as they are about 2 miles from where i live ? is that the stage 1 or is that totally differant?


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          Regal are one of the tuners you can go to, there are others (Courtney, Dap, TMS, VXPC to name a few).

          Different tuners' maps will give different results in the BHP/Torque output but the pricing is usually about the same.

          The best option is to phone around and see which one fits your requirements best, they will also be well placed to advise on the next steps.

          If possible, try to get to each one and drive their demo cars to get a real feel for it, then you can make an [informed] choice. (Perfect excuse for a run out if you ask me )


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            regal stil got offer on the IPF unit i think.
            This is a handheld device you plug in your car and you upload your own software from a load they give you.
            So say you upload a map now for your car say stage 1 with your remus and filter.
            When you get say an intercooler you can then put a new map on yourself at stage 2.
            This is what i want anyway.