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    Can any one please tell me if the standard stereo in the corsa as the pre-outputs for conecting a sub/amp plz .

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    I would love to know the same thing, i recently just got a the new corsa, and i want to upgrade my sound but i dont want to change the radio face and i fear that i am going to have to because from what ive read the CD30MP3 doesnt have any sub output and i want to add a 4chan amp for the stock speakers and a mono chan amp for a sub..

    If anyone has seen some nice aftermarket radio faces for the corsa please post links (Sorry not trying to hi-jack thread).


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      No it dosn't have the out-puts for that....... (yellow,red,white)

      But I can't remember if it has the one for a CD changer......... Any one know?


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        You can do it, you have to get something that plugs into the head unit, best of asking the pro's as cant remeber what its called or how it works

        Rabbid Tuned - WG Motorworks


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          cool, thanks i guess in the new year ill actually just take my car into an audio place and see what they say... Give them my budget and see what they do, because i see this project as becoming very expensive..

          So far looks like im gonna need the following:

          12" Slim fit Sub
          Mono Amp
          4chan Amp
          Sub box
          Facia Plate
          Head Unit
          Cross over for my tweeters

          Turning out to be very expensive though, guess i might have to do it in stages