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Why I love this car soooo much lol

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  • Why I love this car soooo much lol

    Was out in enfield minding my own business when I spotted an Arctic (In enfield, North London)!!

    Anyway, I pulled up along side him and said "I fcking Lav It Mate" lol. After that the arctic followed me as I tore up the streets lol (as one does in a corsa vxr).

    Wonder if the guy is a member on this forum?? I should got a name or taken down the plate lol.

    Ok so with that scene over i made my way back home. On the way I just happened to jump on to a well known (to ppl who like to drive fast) private road. Again I was minding my own business.... Doing around 30mph when I spotted these headlights (Golf gti turbo mk4 ann edition) tearing towards me (Had to be doing 50 at least). My initial thought was "Oh ****..." So i floored it, Next thing I know this golf was being chased by an A3!!!

    Anyway to cut a long story short I showed them what the corsa vxr was all about lol. They were very suprised lol.

    Lowering this thing has mad such a huge improvement!

    I love this car lol

    One more thing.... Does Tesco Petrol = Esso Petrol?