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Corsa VXR Preview Glasgow

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  • Corsa VXR Preview Glasgow

    Well had a great time. karting was a real laugh, and managed to win myself a VX Cap and VXR Racing Jacket for getting one of the top 3 fastest laps in my group

    As for the Corsa, I liked it alot. Do feel a little funny about some of the buttons as others have said, but think that if you can change the back lights or colour of the button plastic then it's not a problem. Overall the seats are comfy, and quite spacious inside. This car really is gonna sell.

    Well here some pics of the Corsa, can't get enough of em

    Many thanks to Dougie, Vauxhall, Scotkart and all involved for a great night out, and the pizzas were nice too

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    Yep, was a good nite!

    My pics are exactly the same so no point in me puttin them up!

    And indeed, the pizza was good!


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      Good to meet ya mate, hope you get dates sorted :wink:


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        Nice pics... really need to see one in Black now!


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          If only they done it that silver on the bottom of the steering wheel all over instead of that piano black


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            I think They have done the right thing keeping the black!

            Looks much better IMO..


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              Looks ok but think I agree with Mel on this one. You'll be forever wiping down the piano black to remove finger prints :?


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                Yep, good toput a face to the name alex!

                Been on the phone to my dealer today and he's off, and so is any manager that can help with my query! My current car's 800 miles short of 30,000 miles, wanna get rid of it before it hits that!


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                  Get a hold of them tommorow and you should get a part X promise as I did when I got VXR, even though I added another 3K miles to the car during the 2 month wait. Hope it goes well :wink:


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                    Great photos Alex Fi.
                    Looks lovely in the flesh and even better when you sit in it.

                    Definatley can not wait now.


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                      Thanks Sarah, bet you can't wait for it :wink:
                      Does look really nice in the flesh, would've loved to have gone for a drive in it, but guess I'll have to wait for the demo's to be released. You guys got a date for yours yet?


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                        No date yet now talking about June!!!!

                        But have other irons in the fire :wink:

                        Hope to see you at Brands in one


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                          That would be sooooo coool :wink: