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hmm a search on Autotrader

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  • hmm a search on Autotrader

    Spot the mistakes and can they get away with this lol

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    Takes you to the search screen! Assumed you were maybe talkin about something to do with the Corsa VXR, but searchin for it bring up nothing.


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      yeh does nothing that link, but assuming that dealer had a corsa vxr for sale.

      This happened alot with the astra vxrs dealers were advertising demo carfs before they even had them


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        Sorry guys. Yeah it was ment to link you to a search for 3 Corsa VXR 1.8 turbos . Hmm heres me thinking they were 1.6 turbos lol. Youd think Vauxhall dealers should get it right lol :-p.


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          you mean this


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            Yep thats the one


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              Just called the cheeky beggars. I asked how they already had these for sale, and also why they are on as 1.8's...

              The response was that "the girl got the engine sice wrong". Also he he thought it was a 180PS at first - I pointed out it was a 189PS. So lots of confusion over 1's and 8'd but we got there in the end.

              VERDICT = Admin Error

              As for having them to sell, they don't. I asked when they were likely to have them, to which I was put on hold for a while. Then he asked for my details (I think to see if I was a wind up merchant) which I gave without hesitiation. Then I pushed it saying "So where are these cars - when will they be with you". He could not answer this but said "Basiclly the cars have been ordered and will be with us at some stage. Due to the expected popularity and demand we decided to put them on early so as to give customers a chance to order. So it would be a buy now collect when they arrive scenario." Then he said he would find out when they were expected to land and get back to me.

              VERDICT = Hopeful or what!

              My mobile is actually at home as I type but I will pick up the message later and post when they think they are due in. I bet it could be ages, as if they ordered theirs recently they could be looking at around August onwards until delivery.

              pmsl - Dizzy Strikes Again!!!


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                Surely its false advertising . Ill sue for a Corsa VXR haha :-p lol


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                  Got home and spoke ot guy again. They have already sold the black one. They placed their orders "ages ago" and are expecting these cars beginning of April. £495 deposit buys you one. Sounds great.