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  • Hi & Help Please

    Hi there, have recently taken the decision to get a Corsa VXR, currently run an RS Clio 182, and have been dithering about a Clio 197 but it appears to be turning out to be a lemon when it comes to power..

    Having seen a picture and review of the Corsa in Evo & then loads of other mags I realised I just have to get one. Last VX I had was a 2000 Astra 2.0 Sri, hope they build better reliability in nowadays...

    I'm currently researching deals for the best price.

    So, I need help with some views on the following...

    Sapphire Black or Flame Red?
    17's or 18's ?
    Climate or not?. (182 has it, cant figure out if I will miss it)
    Best place to source one?, local dealers seem to offer around1k off list price (quoting August delivery). Wondered what everyone else is getting discount wise.

    I am definitely going for Btooth and sight & light pack but the rest I am struggling to decide on, obviously I'd llike to spend as little as poss. but dont want to regret skimping on the options later on....Any views or advice would be totally appreciated.

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    Personal choice is black (what i'm getting)
    climate is a must in any car imo and you wll miss it.
    18's will help the resale if that day comes, as most people want the bigger wheels, and tbh the 17's aint that nice looking.

    about 1k off is all your gonna get tbh.


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      I used this link to beat my local dealer down on the price:


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        Cheers both that helps loads.