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I test drove a Corsa VXR today

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  • I test drove a Corsa VXR today

    Today, silver one.

    May I suggest to anyone with 16k burning a hole in their pocket to go and BUY ONE THIS SECOND.

    Jesus H Christ, if you want a car that is the entire package in regards to handling, looks, power blah blah blah this car is it.

    The car had done 43 miles and I was allowed to give it death, it responds to everything you ask it to and it sounds just amazing. The seats well, amazing, better than our ones in the Astra.

    In comparison to the Astra now, I came off a roundabout in second and floored it and it went out of the corner with no tram lineing no fighting with the car and it goes like a bullet I would say from 0-80 there would be no difference with a Astra VXR, mid range compared to the Astra it has nothing at all, but this car out of corners through the gears to the redline is simply sublime I cannot believe this car is actually a Vauxhall for it is simply amazing.

    The one I drove is actually for sale and you can buy it today and pick it up Monday, its up for 16.5k and it is silver with 18's.

    If they hadn't offered us such a crap P/X for the Astra and it being the wrong colour (not Arden Blue) I would have had it there and then.
    So if you don't want to have to wait 4 months for a Corsa VXR I suggest you get down Inchape Vauxhall Reading and buy this car.

    Well thats it from me, a fully impressed Ojc.
    I have a difference of opinion to you.

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    I just test drove two arden blue VXR's today. First up was the Astra with 19" alloys. Very impressed! Second was the Corsa with the 18" alloys. Equally impressed. It was in belmont Aberdeen.

    I have had a red Corsa VXR with 18"s on order for a couple of weeks now and went through for my test drive today. When I got there it was just going out with someone else. It was sitting next to an Astra VXR and they both looked stunning. I asked for a test drive of the Astra while I was waiting for the Corsa to come back. Having already driving the Focus ST I was blown away by the Astra. The way it takes off it insane. It was brand new with only 65 miles on the clock so I guess the engine was still a little tight but it was still impressive.

    The corsa was just as quick but didn't sound as meaty as the Astra. I would definatly go for a Milltek if they become available. It also felt as it took a fraction longer for the turbo to kick in compared to the Astra but once it did you got a similar surge as I did in the Astra. It is a really nice car but I've fell in love with the Astra. The Corsa's seats are comfy and hug you in but feel a little harder than the Astra. I'm quite a fat bugger so I thought I would find them quite tight but they were fine.

    The salesman is telling me to expect delivery of my Corsa in June. They pre-ordered 30 when the order banks opened and I have got one of those. It is flame red with 18" and sight and light pack. They still have a few left!!!

    I'm replacing my 1.1 206 which I've had for 6 years since passing my test at 17. I've done the usual boy racer things to it like body kit, alloys, exhaust system etc. My fiance now drives it all the time as I also have a Smart car as a company car. So to be honest anything above a 1.4 corsa would've been impressive .

    The smart car is due a change in August and I really hope to get an Astra VXR for me to drive about in. I've had the smart almost 4 years and the next car will be the same so I want to get something I won't get fed up with too quickly. I know I will get hammered by the tax man but after today I know it's worth it. That's why I ordered a red Corsa VXR for the girlfriend as I hope to get an Arden blue Astra for my company car. Best colour in my opinion.