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    Took the Corsa for a spin at my local dealers yesterday and loved it. I am going to order one now and was wondering what kind of final prices people were getting. His a break down of what my dealer offered me

    Vehicle price £15,610
    Metalic £350
    Extras (alloys,sight and light and climate control) £825
    2yr AA top up £199
    Gap £299
    Supagard £299

    P/ex Corsa Exclusiv £4500

    Total price being 17,582 (13,082 incl part ex)

    Is there anyone else out there think I could do better ?

    With my last car I had the AA cover , gap and supgard chucked in seems lil off to me

    Any suggestion appreciated thanks :-p

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    How old is your corsa? It does sound like a pretty good deal you got though. You should have pushed for little bits like, free mats or a full tank of petty.


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      My corsa will be three years old at the end of the month, I ve bought it a cake and everything lol just kidding :-p


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        Actually thats a pretty good deal. Thinking on the age of your corsa and stuff. Good luck with it all.


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          Thanks. Im sure the guys on here will come up with something for me tho there good like that .


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            i payed 15595 list price and got climate control and metallic paint free and possibly the 18s not sure till tommorow


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              Cheers adamf what dealership was that threw then ?


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                I paid list, but got mats and full tank.

                Canny enough list price anyway

                Wonder why I got charged £349 for gap? anyone?


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                  Speaking of mats, have a look at this pic from the current vxr brochure...

                  It mentions there being vxr logo floor mats, now in the brochure if something is an option it usually has brackets after saying (option), plus everything else in that little paragraph is standard. So does the vxr come with floor mats, cos it sounds like it does from that, but i cant believe it does cos they never usually do?!?


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                    yes all vxrs come with mats.

                    i got mine for £15,542 with 18,s AFL and climate and the paint.


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                      TJ which dealership you order yours from ?


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                        Originally posted by Trickster20
                        TJ which dealership you order yours from ?
                        Underwoods in colchester, the bit i didnt tell you is that i get a nice discount :P


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                          hi all, am pretty lucky cos i get family discount am still waiting to here from my uncle on what my discount will be. I bought a corsa sxi brand new 2 year ago with all the spec and got a 38% discount, wouldve cost me £10700 but got it for around £7300.


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                            Ahhh all these people and there discounts Im jealous lol What about me ! :-p lol


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                              Urban Splash I'm guessing you got ripped off for GAP because you bought it from the dealer?

                              4 year GAP with 25k claim (Return to Invoice) limit from is £288 and 3 years is £210.

                              It might be too late to cancel if your coverage isnt as good as the above.

                              As for the car itself, the cheapest place I've found is £14,489.19 on JamJar but then you've got the usual strings attached with buying though them.