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  • reviews wow wow

    Just read evo review and the one in autocar this week.
    Wow this car is fab
    Biggest problem WHEN WHEN WHEN!!!!!!!!

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    Got an issue of what car (June 2007) and they have done a group test with the Corsa VXR, Mini Cooper S and the clio 197. The Cooper S came first, but the Corsa came a close second with the Clio coming last.

    The final Verdict was:

    1st: Mini Cooper S (4/5)
    Verdict: Amble to the shops or drive the wheels off it; either way, the cooper S never fails to raise a smile. You bank manager will be pretty happy too.
    For: Dynamic handling and pace; driving position; cast-iron residuals.
    Against: Cheap interior plastics; tiny rear seats and boot; costly extras.

    2nd: Corsa VXR (4/5)
    Verdict: A strong all-rounder
    For: Sparkling performance; superb handling; excellent quality interior
    Against: Compromised visibility; not as much safety kit as rivals.

    3rd: Clio 197 (4/5)
    Verdict: To rev it is to love it
    For: Sensational grip and handling; manic engine; solid build
    Against: Steering is short of feel; works too hard on the motorway.

    They did reckon the VXR had slightly too much low end grunt, which meant it did struggle to put the power down, and the gearbox was slightly notchy, and the front pillars obstructed the view a bit much, but other than that they loved the car. They tested the performance figures and got 0-60 of 7.5 (which seems a bit down on 6.8 ) and a top speed of 135mph.

    But overall a really positive review.


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      autocar just done a review on what to spend 15k on and got 6.7 secs from corsa!