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    Had my first drive in the VXR yesterday and it was everything I expected! I had origianlly ordered a vxr but had to cancel due to not being able to get insurance cover for it (northern Ireland!!) The vxr I drove had the 18's and the sight and light pack which I think is all you need. was out in the car for about an hour and got a real good drive, seats are best there is wouldnt mind seeing the full leather 1's though, car stuck like glue to the road, going round bends was brilliant because you can actually give acceleration (unlike my cars I drive). only thing was the suspension wasnt as soft as my new d but i think that I could cope with the giving that it was riding on 18's although looking at them you would think that you could fit 19's on it! I didnt push the car too much as didnt want to bust the engine on them but it put me back in my seat a few times. Cant wait until I'm 25 so I can order mine!!
    Owned a Corsa VXR once upon a time.

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    Test dove one today and must say was well impressed! Got some nice poke about it and really nice sound under acceleration!
    All in all a very well put together car

    Roll on June when I pick mine up (Unless date changes )


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      Hey, all is not lost jaybelfast. How old are you mate? Certainly in Mainland UK There is no such thing as not being able to get insurance. We recently had a 17 year old with a modded Cit C2 Sport, 0 years no claims. Premium was £6000

      Clearly thats an extream example, my point being that if you've got the cash, there is an insurer out there somewhere who will be willing to cover you.. for the right price!. Its just a matter of deciding how much is too much for you personally.