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Autoglym or Superguard????

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  • Autoglym or Superguard????

    I've ordered a flame red corsa VXR and was wandering what was the best paint protection to go for? Autoglym is cheaper @ £250 and Superguard is I think £350. The salesman said Superguard gives the better shine but Autoglym lasts longer.

    Has anyone had any experience with any of them?

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    At the end of the day that sorta stuff aint on the car for the lifetime of the car!

    In my opinion you're better goin out and spending £100 on meguirs stuff, and just doin it yourself. They even have a wee diagnostic thing on their website which tells you which products to buy.


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      Agree with Lambo - would ask them not to wash/clean car as they will most likely inflict swirls. Instead save cash and invest in some decent cleaning kit and do it yourself - maybe ask them if you could do the car in their valet bay before driving home.

      If you want to avoid stonechips maybe approach Paintshield or Armourguard for advice...