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Evo magazine video of corsa vxr and rivals

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  • Evo magazine video of corsa vxr and rivals

    link to evo review carried out in south of France

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    It sounds the best towards the end when they go shooting round that corner - love the sucking turbo...


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      Is full review in this months EVO? If so whens it out?


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        God it sounds good. I'm hoping the noise is coming from the Corsa and not the chase car (Clio 197?)

        Anybody got an idea why the car mag group tests don't seem to feature the Fiesta ST? Or is it too old?

        There quite common up here and it would be nice to know how well the Corsa kicks it's ***, I'm guessing it does looking at the figures.


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          Too low powered I think, only 150Bhp so not a real competitor to the others :wink:


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            True.. strange how Ford can only get 150bhp outta a 2.0 litre engine where Vauxhall (with some help from the VXR Performance Centre dudes) can get 42bhp more outta a 1.6.

            Just think of the damage the Corsa could really do if the engine was bigger

            Then again too much weight is never a good thing.


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              Only thing I would say is given the 2L engine in the Fiesta ST (and I'd need to check) it should have alot of tuning options, or at least that's what I would hope if I had one


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                As moderator of an ST forum i think its time for me to speak up!

                Ford never built the ST to be an ultimate hot hatch, it was designed to be a sporty car that was still relatively cheap to insure and run, so more practical than a hot hatch. That was where the Fiesta RS was going to carry on and be the mental hot hatch version. Sadly the marketing men at ford deemed the RS to be too costly to devlope and no one would pay that much for just a fiesta. I think the success of cars like the corsa vxr and clio 197 have shown that to be a mistake.

                However, there is bags of pontential in the 2.0 litre engine (from mazda i believe). I know people who have upped the BHP to 200+ in the ST, and i'm sure there is more to be had as it really is a great engine. The only downside is the tiny engine bay! They really had to pack it all in, and there isnt a great deal of space for mods, can't imagine getting a turbo in thats for sure.

                My ST is just standard, and i adore it, its a fantastic car thats glued to the road, and above 3500rpm the car flies, its just the fact that by the time the ST has hit the power band, the VXR will be about 3 miles down the road (albeit with bald tyres ). So you can't really compare the two as they were designed as very different cars, and i will be sad to see the ST go, but equally cant wait to see the VXR arrive!


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                  Thanks for that Chris. As I thought the car could be tuned well above the standard, but wasn't aware of the plans/history/marketing so it's nice to know.

                  Personally never laughed at the Fiesta ST (well except when one tried to race me :wink: ), and have always thought that they were 'quite' nice - not my taste but could appreciate why some liked them (bit like the Focus Vs. Astra debate, personal choice/preference at end of day).

                  It would be nice if Ford revisited their plans and came out with an equal, then we'd have more debates to go on about

                  As for tyres, well we're just laying down rubber to help your grip

                  Thanks again for the info :wink: