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My Test Drive Of The Corsa vxR

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  • My Test Drive Of The Corsa vxR

    Well what can i say,

    The car is brill very nice to drive the power is put down well, the inside the seats are out of this world and would love to have them in the Astra vxR, also love the steering wheel really nice to hold and the bottom of it looks great, I had the car for 1hour by myself it had 90 miles on the clock so broke it in for vauxhall, the ride was really good must say just like the Astra it got the looks, when i was at the lights 2 bokes in a VW said thats out of this world and how much was it, i said im just test driving it, but said the waitin list must be long by now.. Back to the car if you have a family then i dont think its for you as im short and there was not much leg room in the back. But the car was 1 word BRILL !!!

    Now the bad bit, When you brake hard in the corsa at speed the back end fish tails quite a bit which is a bit scary and also the glove box i dunno why they put one in as the only thing you can put in there is 1 tub of hair gel, and just one more thing the corsa does not make the same kinda noise as the Astyra vxR does (like when you hit 2000rpm the astra makes that jet fighter noise) i didnt get that from the corsa.

    Its gonna be one of those cars you love or hate, i do love it but i would not change the Astra vxR for the corsa its in a bit of a different class but the Astra vxR will be the Bigger brother to the corsa....

    If i have wrote anything wrong do give your comments, im only saying what i was thinking.....

    Thank You


    My car was at vauxhall for my seat being done again as it was going crap again.!!

    I think this was a joke vauxhall gave me a vauxhall agila it was like a box on wheels and everytime i turned a corner i felt it was going to role over, if you have not driven one please go and drive one, because when you get in to Astra or corsa vxr it will make you smile like there is no 2moro


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    nice little review there,

    i'm going from the astra vxr to the corsa vxr, love small high powered cars.

    WHen on coils my astra was a touch loose at the rear so that in the corsa will be fine for me i love it a bit twitchy at the rear


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      same thing here for my Fiesta st on coils....the rear on big brakes looses touch from ground....
      And again i am worried about the steering wheel and gearbox...


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        I am currently driving a Flame Red, on 18"s with sight and light. Having covered nearly 500 miles now I only have one very minor gripe....not enough of a kick in the back on boost. other than that i love it, it's a fantastic cruiser. No it isn't an Astra VXR but then again neither is the Vectra. I think once the Exhaust and Re-Maop are avaialble it will be fantastic. Love it , love it, Love it.


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          [quote="TJ CorsaVXR" i love it a bit twitchy at the rear [/quote]

          That made me laugh!!

          I love reading all these reviews, it's nice to know others thoughts and opinions.............................kinda makes the waiting even harder though!! We should all be hitting the road in our own Corsa's, enjoying the summer sun (whilst it lasts!!)

          Oh well, hopefully not too much longer now....
          YOU CAN ALL K155 MY VXR's!!


          It takes 46 muscles to frown.....but only 4 to flip 'em the bird!!!


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            Only 1 tub of gel, Bhav you certainly couldn't live with that car then could you :wink:

            Sounds like you had fun that, thanks for the write up :wink:


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              Got my test drive planned for 4pm. To be honest, I feel as excited and frightened as I was when I drove a Lamborghini Murcielago. :P
              Astra VXR | VXRacing Edition No 265 | Bluetooth | Cruise Control
              TMS Stage 2 map, Milltek, Bilstein B14 coilovers, Quaife LSD and AP Racing 4 pots.


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                Well I had a go in one and all I can say is ...AWESOME.

                I had two other people in the car, the dealer and my dad, and a tank full of normal unleaded, but despite that, the car just flew! Seeing that my brother has an Astra VXR, I was always going to make comparisons between the two and I'm glad to say, the Corsa didn't let it's self down. Floor it in 2nd and it "feels" as fast as the Astra, 3rd and it keeps pulling until about 5k rpm before it washes out (I absolutely positive that's down to fuel, my brother used 95ron for the first few months of ownership, but then used Optimax and it was like a new car). The sound was lush. Rather than the noise coming from the back like in my brother's Milltek-ed Astra, the noise seemed to come from beneath the drivers seat and was nice n' fruity once giving it some beans.

                As far as handling, bugger all body roll and it stuck like glue. I had complete confidence in it. The brakes are hard to use at first as they are so sharp when braking hard, but they're fine for normal braking though.

                Interior is first class, the use of materials is spot on and the quality is superb, not just for a small car, but for any car. The seats are by far the best seats I have ever sat in, I can still feel them holding me. The steering wheel looks great and feels lovely and bespoke. The only two issues I have about the interior is that the windscreen is miles away, driving a Corsa D for the first time in a cramped dealer car park was not nice (felt like a my sisters Zafira), but once on my way i didn't notice it. The other thing is that shockingly poor glove box, which is so small, it can only hold the pair of gloves it was named for. Mental note, need to rethink my CD collection for the car.

                Brilliant piece of kit. Glad I've ordered one.
                Astra VXR | VXRacing Edition No 265 | Bluetooth | Cruise Control
                TMS Stage 2 map, Milltek, Bilstein B14 coilovers, Quaife LSD and AP Racing 4 pots.