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  • Heatshield

    Hi guys im back with another simple question, wanting to remover the heatshiled that covers actuator, but obviously the oil dipstick "chute" stops it from coming off, now i guess there is just a nut holding the chute into the engine block like most engines, am i right?
    Im trying not to get under the car at the minute as i have a cracked rib which is a bit uncomfortable 😂 has anyone got any different methods?

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    I've seen people cut it out if your not planning on reusing mate, I'm tempted to change mine but unsure
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      Let us know how you get on as i need to change mine as well.


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        Originally posted by DannyRXV View Post
        Let us know how you get on as i need to change mine as well.
        So it turns out the oil chute joins onto the turbos oil pipe then they both enter the front of the sump, it looks like they just pull out, i wasnt able to do so as i had a cracked rib at the time and couldn't get any power to do so laying on my back. Maybe at full strength I'll give it another go. Looks like the only way to get heatshield off i think.