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Is stage 3 worth the extra hardware cost vs stage 1?

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  • Is stage 3 worth the extra hardware cost vs stage 1?

    As per title.

    I'm still debating to have my car mapped or not and would like to know if people genuinely think stage 3 is THAT much better than stage 1 considering the fairly expensive cost of intercooler/exhaust etc?

    Its only around 15 bhp diifference at the end of the day?

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    This is for an E BTW, but asking in here as there will be more experience from D owners.

    I'm basically swaying between coughing up for Rabbids TTS flasher - like the EDS IPF where you can change the map at home to suit your mods - or just getting a simple Superchips map.

    The Superchips will take me to 220bhp and costs £350.

    The TTS would cost 450 to get the same power but obviously has the advantage of being able to cope with mods so going straight to stage 3 with the TTS would still £450 but hardware on top too - e.g. ~£300 for enlarged MAF and probably the guts of £600 for an exhaust.

    WGM state stage 1 at 215-225 and stage 3 at 235-250.

    Doesn't seem a massive difference real world.

    Is stage 3 worth the extra 1k in parts?

    If this was 2 years back with my SRI i wouldn't be writing this - i'd cough up for stage 3 - but what with other priorities (house etc) i just want the best bang for buck with the VXR and be done.
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    Corsa C 1.4 (SOLD), Corsa D SRI Turbo (SOLD), Facelift Corsa D 1.4 SE (SOLD), Now Corsa E about 20 other non VXs


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      My opinion, and mine only it’s only worth it if you can afford it and want to have those moments of putting golf Gti’s and some bmw and Audi drivers back in the school playground and leaving them behind in your mirror 🤣 I’ve got my VX racing edition running stage 2 @ 222bhp and 248lbs torque and it leaves most cars in its rear view. I’m off back to RnD when I’ve got my new exhaust put on as I’m running a Remus at the minute and it’s restricting the cars performance so off for a 3” system. Should then be pushing 230ish maybe a tad more.

      Dont know what p4 is like on the corsa e but I won’t push past 240 on mine till I get it forged. But like you 9 kids my priorities are not my toys but there’s. 🤣

      id probably go with the rabbid TTS and then you have options for later.


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        I recently went from stage 1 to stage 3 car is now running 230 bhp / 280 ft lb and it was like night and day of how much it changed the car I would of got more but I’m running a remus so 2.5” exhaust is restricting the power and my turbo is tired but all comes down to finances maybe just buy a bit at a time then when your ready decide on mapping and which route u want to go down
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