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Club Sport versus Fiesta ST3

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  • Club Sport versus Fiesta ST3

    After a burg for 3 years and a Club Sport for 5 years i changed for a Fiesta ST3 6 months ago so hear is a quick review ;

    ST has a better interior / heater / dash / sat nav . driver comforts etc and generally a better quality. It feels a far more upmarket and luxurious car...but do you need this in a hot hatch ?
    CS seats are better
    Performance is about the same I feel
    ST exhaust as standard is far better with lots of pops and bangs in sport mode. But pipe outlets are too small...i need bigger tips only.
    mpg is about the same
    road holding........while the ST is superb as all the road tests verify personally I don't feel it feels as secure as a CS. Hard to explain, perhaps the ST would outcornewr a CS on a track but the CS gave me more confidence to push on.
    more road noise on the ST probably the tyres( Pilot sports)
    CS looks far better I think especially with the 'air inlets' at front / rear

    All in all if both were new I'd go for a CS any day but I wanted a change and a 'new' car.
    I haven't been on this site for 6 months and probably wont visit for ages again but if you want to see a picture of my old CS and new ST i'm on Instagram
    and with the next VXR being electric (?) i've probably had my last Vauxhall.

    Enjoy your VXR's !

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    A fair comparison.

    My workmate has one of these and parks it next to my "E" each day - i agree the exhaust sounds loads better!

    The biggest complaint is have about my car and his is the touchscreen - while they function perfectly fine and are technically "better" its a ballache using them while driving. With the CDxx in the older Corsa at least you could "feel" where the buttons are but with the touchscreens you actually need to look down and off the road to see which is surely a massive safety issue. His is mounted slightly higher than my E so maybe a bit better but still not sure this is "progress".

    He also had a D VXR years back and seems to agree performance is pretty similar so perhaps the Ford isn't quite the massive leap that some reviewers claim....a bit like the Mk7 - every claimed they handled better but when i drove one (admittedly a 1.0 st-line) it didn't nearly feel as stable as an equivalent corsa.

    Bottom line I wouldn't be upset to driving either car...they are both very good.

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      What year ST are we taking about? The 14 plate ST near me doesn't sound as nice as the CS remus imo.

      I've heard an 18 plate though and that sounded nice but they are 200bhp ain't they . I'd expect a car 5 years newer to have better interior and stuff though.

      The CS felt alot faster than the 2014 ST to me.. But that could just be me

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        His is one of the new mk8s - the 3 cylinder 1.5 ones with the c-max style back end looking at his instagram pics...197bhp standard.

        2014 would be one of the older mk 7.5s which are ~180bhp so not surprised the CS felt a good bit faster.

        My workmate says its funny if you go on the Fiesta forums...apparently all the Mk7 owners hate the new Mk8 lol
        Corsa C 1.4 (SOLD), Corsa D SRI Turbo (SOLD), Facelift Corsa D 1.4 SE (SOLD), Now Corsa E about 20 other non VXs


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          Yes it's the latest ST3 ie Mk 8.
          I probably won't visit this site again just wanted to give my comparison to make all you VXR / Burg / Club Sport owners feel good and don't let the 'road testers' paint the ST as the best. After all they couldn't compare a Club Sport as they don't make them.

          Finally I would like to compliment everyone on such a sensible forum with virtually no bickering. The ST forum is full of sarcastic / petty / way off topic posts / etc
          Perhaps this paints a picture of the general type of owners of ST's Versus VXR's..............

          All the best and enjoy your cars !