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New recirc valve, which one

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  • New recirc valve, which one

    I need a new recirc valve for my VXR and was wondering do i go standard vauxhall or get a forge one, my car is running a Couetney stage 2, if i went with the forge do i use the green std spring or the yellow one.

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    I'd personally just go standard.

    The forge ones claim to be more reliable but they're not, as you need to service the seals periodically and they're a load more expensive.

    The standard ones are pretty good - my SRI lasted to 30k+ before i stupidly swapped it for a Forge, then eventually put the standard one back in.

    The standard one is also the same as the Astra one so and people use them on big builds so more than up to the job...
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