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  • Brake upgrade

    Ok guys looking for any kind of help with this.. Big brake upgrade!

    I've got an itch and want to do it as I can get the burg brembo calipers fairly cheap

    Has anyone done this? I'm a novice with brakes but willing to try to get this done.

    Heres what I know...

    For the burg brembo calipers I will need 305 discs.

    I've also been told I need 10mm spacers but this hasn't been confirmed.

    Also I need the 18" wheels which I have.

    I will also need a new brake hose as the burg one is different to mine and therefore won't go into the brembo calipers.

    Does this sound right to anyone else?

    How easy is it to fit new brake lines? Would the whole system need bleeding or can I use a tool to pinch the line so I just need to bleed the brakes?

    Any information much appreciated
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    That sounds about right from what i know.

    - Yes you'll need the 305 discs.

    - The standard brake lines have banjo connectors (the hoop with the bolt through the middle) wheras the brembos are screwed in IIRC so yes you'll need the brembo specific hoses.

    - Not sure about spacers but sounds about right as that GPH guy needed spacers for Ksports. There was another guy that fitted E PP brembos to his D and needed spacers...can't remember his name tho?? Worst case just buy some hubcentric 10mm and fit them if needed or return if not...iirc the car will take 10mm spacers anyway for track widening.

    Its easy enough to fit new lines but the flexi pipe you could normally clamp is unfortunately the one your are swapping to fit brembos, and upstream its a solid metal pipe so the clamp tool is useless on this occassion.

    You will need to bleed the system really.

    I used a Sealey VS820 to do the SRI...its a pressure bleeder so fill with fluid, pump up then go round the bleed nipples...but its £42 quid which is a lot for one time use unless you plan on doing other cars.

    You could get away with one of the cheaper pressure kits that attaches to a tyre, or mate to pump the brakes but might be worth coughing up and getting a garage to fit them.

    Last time i did that was like 7 years ago to fit some Focus ST calipers to a Mondeo and it wasn't much...maybe a £100 all in.

    Its a shame you aren't close!

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      Yeah taking to garage is an option I suppose just want to get the right stuff ready really in case i do decide to take it them... Although I don't have much faith in people round my way.

      I was looking at the bleeding tools and I think i've seen the one you have mentioned.

      So with the spacers mate I'm assuming I'll need a new lock in wheel nut won't I as one I have won't be long enough, guessing they only come with standard bolts?

      Been looking at these brake lines and similar on ebay. Seem to be banjo type so I'm not sure what the difference is.

      Yeah it is a shame mate as Scotland really is far... And cold thanks for the reply
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        You'll get 2 kinds of spacer generally,

        - you'll get one kind that is just the spacer ring then you need to get longer bolts (including lockers) to go through it to sandwich it between the wheel and hub - e.g cheaper TPI etc
        - you get another kind that is a spacer and comes with you so bolt that to your hub, then bolt you wheel to the spacer using your original bolts - e.g Eibach, H&R (depending width) which is preferable.

        Kit wise they'll likely use the same generic pic so don't panic - burg front lines will be threaded both ends...female threads (that you screw into) that goes in near the shock, and male ends (that do the screwing) that go into the caliper.

        700 mile round trip to here from Manchester btw!
        Corsa C 1.4 (SOLD), Corsa D SRI Turbo (SOLD), Facelift Corsa D 1.4 SE (SOLD), Now Corsa E about 20 other non VXs


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          Like these picture does not look like banjo but description says is so get what you mean.

          700 MILES... That's alot of petrol

          The second type of spacer seems ok
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