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  • Radio fuse location

    My Kenwood double din packed up yesterday. I checked the fuse on the back of the stereo and thats fine, i took it into work and my mate wired it up and it works fine, so it can only hopefully be the radio fuse. Does anyone know the location, its a 2010 VXR.

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    Hi mate it should be in the fusebox inside the glovebox, id also check the wiring round the back to see if there is an inline fuse. Mine is a pioneer and has a 2amp inline fuse aswell as 2 other fuses for it (one in fusebox and one plugged into the radio itself)


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      All sorted, cheers. No fuses blown, just checked all connections re plugged in and it works. Nurburgring suspension probalby rattled something loose.


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        I think it's the Cambus or something as I know loads of people who have aftermarket stereos that have little issues.

        Mine use to not turn on now and again, just randomly. At the moment my volume turns itself up randomly
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