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Sob Story.

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  • Sob Story.

    Sob story.
    Gutted. Scuffed the underneath edge of my front bumper spoiler this morning going to work. My corsa d vxr is lowered 50mm on bilstein shocks and springs. Been like this for over 2 years now I love the stance but am always weary of ground clearance. And i live in an area with speed bumps.
    In the past I've had a maxton front splitter which lasted 2 days and was smashed to pieces from scraping speed bumps and anything higher than a pound coin on the road! That was removed.
    And a year ago it went for its MOT, for me to return to the garage with the front bumper spoiler smashed to pieces. The garage had either smashed it on the ramps, or dropping down onto the rollers in the ground. They paid for the damage but was still gutting to see.
    So....i've been happily, but carefully driving around now for the last year, avoiding the usual potholes, dropped and raised drain covers etc. with no incidents.......and then this morning i reversed off my drive but dropped off the curb with the front wheels while turning and scuffed the spoiler. A foot long scuff. Can't believe it. Why i didn't just pull back on the drive and reverse off straight. I guess i didn't think it would catch.
    The thing is most people will never see it. You have to get down on your hands and knees to spot it. But im such an OCD fusspot i know its there and at the moment til i can get the bumper off and sort it at the weekend, its driving me mad. I hate anything like this happening. Trying to keep your car as mint as possible is difficult enough these days.

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    Feel your pain. Horrible when it happens, even if the happenstance is somewhat inevitable.
    Brutus is finally finished!!


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      I too feel your pain, the garage destroyed mine and tried giving it back like nothing had happened.... Honestly.

      But in general its troublesome going over bumps etc, mine doesn't scrape as I'm not that low down but I'm always mindful and pot holes absolutely destroy my car plus some uphill roads scrape the splitter plus parking over a curb is not possible.

      I've seen some cars that are literally on the ground at a stand still, I have no idea how these go over speed bumps and survive
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