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  • In desperate need of help

    Got a problem with my Corsa VXR where its started cutting out on its own and starts back up 3 or 4 times then not at all. Started a few days ago and just keeps getting worse. When I crank it over and it doesn't start it smells very fuely but no leaks etc. I have checked all the obvious places but seems all good. Replaced the crank sensor and boost control valve but no good still. No DTC'S coming up either. I've only had the car for a month and not been able to drive it for over a week. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Spark plugs or coil pack?

    The fact you can smell the fuel is a clue

    Have a look at the plugs and try changing them 1st
    2009 Astra H Vxr arden blue uprated gearbox endcase with bigger bearings, 3" cobra catback non res with toyosport 2.5 double decat, mtc crossover delete and tophat

    Planning to go stage 3/3.5 eventually


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      Coilpack replaced and plugs look all OK. Got hold of a good scanner today as usually I would have tech2 at hand but its not working at the moment. Won't start at all but have P0245 - Boost pressure valve low voltage and P0034 - Turbo bypass solenoid valve circuit hight voltage.


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        Update - Checked wiring today to the coilpack as still not starting at all. I only have 2 volts to the live when the ignition is on.