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Corsa VXR D bottom part of bumper replaced

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  • Corsa VXR D bottom part of bumper replaced

    Hi All
    Last night whilst traveling back from Birmingham Airport I drove over / hit something in the road, this has caused Slight damage underneath my passenger side bumper fog lights.
    i was wondering how much this is roughly going to cost to replace for the part and how difficult it would be for a total car noob to replace it myself it is essentially only the very bottom of the bumper closest point to the road so doesn’t look to difficult but would like to get some insight first, and if it is difficult how much it would typically cost for a garage to do it?

    Many thanks

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    This part can't be purchased from Vauxhall anymore , last time I tried it was discontinued .

    You would have to buy one from eBay , problem is theres not normally any for sale ... Just the bottom part that is .

    Full front bumpers are normally on there though but cost 250 +

    Maybe repair yours ?

    If you do manage to get one then it's not too bad of a job to do , abit fiddly and the clips can be stiff . I also took the grill out just above to make it more easier to assemble
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      I have just purchased both the splitter and lower bumper from Vauxhall this week with no issues?