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Love and Hate

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  • Love and Hate

    How can i put this ?

    I've had issues with my CorsaVXR and the last straw was the engine.
    But after everthing sorted took the car out early this morning and it performed to my expectations.

    Still love the car think the cruise control is fantastic.

    The hate side has been the courtesy cars, but it has only made me long for my CorsaVXR.

    Love the look of the car may be just a sucker for the under dog?


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    Hey man, totally agree with you.

    They are absolutley amazing machines!!...when they work.

    Was thinking the other day what I could compare a VXR to and I was thinking it is like what I would imagine dating a page three model would be like. Seriously high maintenance, take up all your money but for that breif moment when she is happy with everything and shes standing there in her new La Senza oufit pointing to the bedroom you wouldn't have anything else.

    lol, thought I would share this with you all.


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      Bang on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        love my vxr bit worried about modding it due to the 4th piston being an issue but apparently standard ones have let go so dont suppose it matters if its modded or not

        re map first i think....


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          all have good points
          Arden Corsa VXR