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Factory Bluetooth compatability

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  • Factory Bluetooth compatability

    Hope this is ok to post - I used search and read a lot of threads but couldnt find the answer Im looking for

    As the dealer has now told me my VXR has to be facroty made I can order factory accessories, the only one I am really interested in is the bluetooth, I have a parrot kit in my current car and it works great but it would be nice to have the OEM compatability...

    Slight problem through, I cant find a link for the Vauxhall compatability list and there doesnt seem to be any posts on if it works wih Blackberry Pearls or not? (Blackberry 8100) as its a work phone I dont have a choice on changing phones so need to make sure of this before ordering

    Anyone have either the link or an answer?

    Thanks in advance!

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    i think most phones work. i think some like nokia won't show your phone book on the screen. but you can do that manually... ball ache btw

    Corsa VXR now sold


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      Thanks, I can almost predict the dealer response when I ask him the question tomorrow - "oh the factory fit is useless, buy a aftermarket jobby"

      They dont have a clue generally so end up saying no just to avoid potential future hassle lol


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        I cant really help other to say the car couldn't pick up the phone book from my old N95..but my iphone works does my cheapo work nokia phone


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          the option i would go for is the climate control, you get an upgraded screen with this.


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            I looked at the climate but you also get the screen with the bluetooth and as I am currently used to 55-60mpg out of my Golf I dont really want anything that will lower the mileage even further

            To be honest had air con in all my cars and living where I do I think I had it on about 3 times so far tis year, always raining lol so don think climate is really rrequired


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              The heated seats would be nice, will miss those from the Golf! But at £995 its expensive