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Sqreeching noise on Tick over when hot.

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  • Sqreeching noise on Tick over when hot.

    hi when i drive my Corsa for a couple of miles when i stop i always leave the engine tick over for a couple of minutes to allow the fan to come on to cool the engine. but while im stationery sometimes i can hear a loud sqreeching noise which sounds like its a belt or something or maybe coming from the turbo, but after a few minutes it stops.
    Has anybody got this or experienced this problem ?
    can anyone shine light on what it is ?

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    i get this sometimes, dont know what it is, had the aux belt replaced, aircon pump was changed, still does it and has done for over a year now!!


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      dont know exactly what mean sqreeching, but isnt that just metal which is cooling down ? something like crackle ?
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        My first suggestion would be to have the aircon checked, its common for the pipes to split, which in turn may lead to the aircon pump running "dry".
        Mike Hughes


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          I think that's a common noise he's talking about!

          The noise seems like it's coming from the back of the engine! right?

          All my buddies Corsa OPC's are doing the same thing!


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            if its loud it probably won't be anything normal but it could be something simple like a pump. it isn't the fan is it sometimes the interior fan squeals due to snide bearings (probably the same ones they used for the rear of the car lol)

            the corsa generaly has a noisy little engine imo


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              mine doesz it also! without being rude its like a noisey bed on a sucessfull night if you know what i mean! it comes from the back of the engine towards the diff kinna area! it dosnt increase with engine speed so i dont think its clutch