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how much and where can i get one cheap

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  • how much and where can i get one cheap

    hey all i have owned my vxr for just over a year now and since i got it i have always fancyed a remus for it but its hard enought o keep up with insurnce costs and tx and petrol to ever think i can afford one can anyone let me know where the cheapest place would be to get one and still keep my warrenty in tact if possible price to include everything including fitting

    many thanks everyone

    ps or is there a way of making the standard exaust louder lol

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    if you want one cheap, look for a second hand one in the for sale section or go on ebay.

    any exhaust centre will fit it for you.


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      They occasionally come up for sale on here.. You are looking at about £300 used for the rear box and down pipe. However you could buy just a down pipe for now which will set you back anything from £110 for the Scorpion one.

      The downpipe its self provides pretty good gains mid range wise and also give you a bit more noise.

      You can have them fitted by VX which I believe will keep your warrenty intact. I think people have paid between £60 and £100+ to have it fitted by VX, so do a bit of shopping around for the best price


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        I found on on ebay for £150 theres bargains out there


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          I sold mine for £280
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