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Air filter question help ???

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  • Air filter question help ???

    hi ppl i knw this post has probs bn done before but cnt be assd to search lol. ive jus orderd a ITG panel filter cnt wait for it to come. do they give off alot of induction noise ? and does it make the re cir valve alot more noticible ? i have read about the open cone filters makin the car make like a chatter noise kinda like a dump valve is that right ? and if so is this bad news as i may get 1 if it isnt but dnt want to go buyin any old crap as a open cone filter batterd my old C2 VTS engine made it tatter but then again its french lol. i would buy a dump valve but heard alot of things about them bein bad news and also regal only recomended a dump valve if the car was mappd and dont fancy it goin into limp mode. any help would be greatlt appreciated thanks

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    For me, there was a noticeable difference.

    Dump valve was more audible and I could hear the turbo spooling up a little louder.


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      I fitted the Baileys DV26 dump valve after i just picked the car up brand new.. it now has 3500 miles and i've had no problems and its standard... I got the Green cone filter and its amazing it drowns the the DV out... it sounds like a jet when you pull away coz of the air its sucks in the it dumps it VERY loud... it turns heads