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Proper car cleaning

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  • Proper car cleaning

    Roughly 1 week/1 and a half week til I take delivery of my shiny new Arden Blue Corsa

    I'm getting sooooooo impatient

    Anyway, back to the purpose o the thread I actually plan to take proper care of this car and not throw it through automatic car washes or those 'pop 20 pence in for 2 minute' jobbies and wash and wax it by hand, I have seen some threads mention snow foaming and 2 bucket methods but actually have very little idea what on earth they are talking about

    Does anyone have useful knowledge, tips or links to share on how to wash cars properly achieving a decent result without spending an entire day out on the cold Yorkshire weather or spending a huge fortune on products?

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    Have a look in the "How to" section mate, theres one on car cleaning and detailing, i found it pretty much Spot on nad have a few threads in there my self....

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    Yes Tom! You're a freaking genius!
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      Thanks Tom, didnt occur to me to look in the How To for cleaning tips


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        WWW.DETAILINGWORLD.CO.UK ALL THE WAY!!! FTW!! everything your ever need to know and useful, helpful ppl on there.


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          Excellent, cheers bud!


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            snow foam use with a pressure washer and the attachment which you can buy of here leave for 5-10mins then rinse off with pressure washer then get 2 buckets with grit guards fill one with shampoo and water and the other with just clean water wash the car one panel at a time working your way from the top down over dip your hand in the bucket use a lambswool washmitt and load it with the shampoo then wash the one panel then dip it in the water only bucket and rub mitt over grit guard then load with shampoo and do next panel and so on then rinse car off again then dry with a drying towel then i use a pre wax cleanser dodo juice lime prime apply with an applicator pad then wipe of with a microfibre cloth then wax it
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