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How To Remove Corsa D Windscreen Wiper Arms and Refurb.

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  • How To Remove Corsa D Windscreen Wiper Arms and Refurb.

    The wiper arms on my Corsa were corroding and looked a bit scruffy, so it was time to give them a quick refurb. I thought I'd make a quick guide while I was doing the job, as it might help anyone else thinking of doing the same

    State of wiper arm ends before I started.

    First job before anything else was to mark the park position of the wipers on the windscreen with masking tape so I knew where to reposition them.

    Then, lift the bonnet to see the wiper arms and fixings.

    Gently pull off the plastic cap covering the retaining bolt, to leave this;

    Remove the nut and washer using a 13mm socket/spanner.

    Next up you will need one of these, a battery terminal/wiper arm puller.

    Position the puller on the wiper arm as in pics, with a rag to protect the plastic tray underneath!! Carefully twist the screw down on the puller, and the wiper arm will pop off the spindle. I found squirting some WD40 on the spindle helped the arm come off easier. Take extra care at this stage as the bottom of the windscreen is very close to the puller and the last thing you need is a cracked screen! These pics are of the passenger side wiper arm. Rinse and repeat for the drivers side.

    Arms removed.

    Take off the wiper blades and put somewhere safe. Next I rubbed down the ends of the arms with wet and dry and masked them up ready for paint on my makeshift setup

    While the paint was drying I removed the plastic cover from over the wiper motor and horn etc to give it a good clean out. The amount of crap collected under here is unreal

    First remove the long rubber seal.

    Then gently persuade the panel over the wiper spindles taking care not to damage the pipework for the washer jets. I popped out my washer jets so I could lift the panel off the car.

    Once the paint had dried I removed the masking to see how the paint job had turned out.

    Not too bad for a Halfords rattle can!! (satin black btw).

    Follow the steps in reverse to put everything back together, using the masking tape on the windscreen to reposition the wipers in the correct spot. A little care is needed to line up the splines on the spindles to the wiper arm so they mesh properly.

    And finally a pic of everything put back together with a brand new set of wiper blades fitted

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    Bloody good guide, surprised its not in TomY2K4's handy corsa guide lol

    V8, not for everyone but 10/10 for your effort.


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      good guide mate, did this last week on mine but just gave the base a wobble and they came off really easy so can be done without the pulley if people dont wanna buy tools to do it as long as there careful when doing it



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        Cheers lads, I had no choice on mine, had to use the puller as the arms were stuck solid!!


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          If you just push the wiper arm down so it flexes towards the screen they will just pull off.

          As already said nice job, and good guide
          Corsa Vxr, Soon to be Ring Ready