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Tommivxr's corsa

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  • Tommivxr's corsa

    Hi, i thought i would make sort of a progress thread where i will put all my recent pics and latest mods rather than having muliple threads.

    I picked the car up totally standard in April 09.

    Come May i had a stage one superchips remap and removed the vauxhall and corsa badge from the boot.

    I then fitted a baileys dumpvalve

    I then wanted some more induction noise so went for the K&N open cone with cold air feed which sounds awsome and never had a problem with.

    Then i fitted my precat downpipe.

    Soon followed by tints, vxr sunstrip and heko wind deflectors.

    I then fitted my janspeed 40ml springs which dropped it nicely and im really pleased with.

    I then decided to remove my tints and sunstrip and decided to dewiper the rear window.

    Followed by fitting the Seat Leon cupra splitter.

    I then decided to brighten the callipers up by doing them yellow.

    As id done the callipers yellow, i thought i would do the wheels gloss black for them to stand out more which imo look much better.

    I also did my R's and slashes blue on the vxr badges.

    I have now recently removed my cupra splitter due to it scraping over almost every speedbump and looking quite bad and deciding to do my chrome fog surrounds gloss black as i didnt like the chrome look.

    Last week i decided to give my engine bay a clean and tidy up, so i replaced my K&N open cone with the standard airbox as i prefere the look, and fitted a sports panel filter.

    After recently doing my engine caps gloss black rather than the standard yellow and giving the car a good clean today, heres my car up to press.

    Im hopefully going to go stage 2 soon and fit some coloured hoses under the bonnet. As i say i can keep updated in this thread now.
    Thanks for looking Tom.
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    nice mate.


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      i'm liking what you have done so far and the yellow and black caliper alloy combo.

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        Nice car mate. Av you got any pics wen you had the sunstrip on?


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          very nice buddy.
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            looks the sex... sorry about the cupra R splitter, i love seen them at the VXR's...

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              Very nice. And clean in every picture! have you got any closeups of the dewipered back?


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                Looking nice mate, the black wheels make such a difference.
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                  Thanks everyone

                  Sorry danry i cant find any close ups of the sunstrip mate soz.

                  I havnt got any close ups of the dewipered back mate but im nipping out in a sec and ill take a quick piccy for you mate. Thanks again.


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                    Looks nice Tom, I would spray your rear diffuser gloss black to finish up the rear end and then it looks spot on IMO.


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                      mate that looks lush fair play
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                        Originally posted by craigybaby View Post
                        mate that looks lush fair play
                        Thanks buddy, im wanting some propper mods done like full exhaust and cooler but i cant seem to save elately, thanks again mate.


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                          Originally posted by Lawro View Post
                          Looks nice Tom, I would spray your rear diffuser gloss black to finish up the rear end and then it looks spot on IMO.
                          Thanks Lawro buddy, i no you no how to make a car look nice im booking my rear diffuser into my local bodyshop next month for it doing gloss as i think that will finish it off but not over the top. Thanks again mate.


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                            looks really good mate - just going to have to open a new bank account and put a standing order from your account soon though mate for the other mods your planning

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                              luks very nice tommi shame its a corsa hahaha