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Corsa Vxr remus

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  • Corsa Vxr remus

    Hello guys just brought my brand new vxr from the dealers in london on saturday and now am dying to put a remus system on it , but i went into my dealers near me today and asked the vx parts guy about a remus system for the vxr and then got a face that looked like his been sucking on a sour sweet all day long and then said "a what system" "ive never heard of one befor"
    i was like ok brilliant i must be talking to a caveman
    the question is can i buy a remus system still form vx and get them to fit it etc and still have warranty or is that just a load a nonsence ???

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    it is a vx approved part! in theory if you buy it new and get vx to fit it your warrenty is intact

    i say in theory as alot of vx dealers are not aware of this approval!get it fitted by vx, keep you receipts and go enjoy yourself



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      ohh ahh thats good too know thankyou gary


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        Just make sure you get the correct remus, for your engine Z16 or A16.

        Walkinshaw are the distributor, so the dealer will purchase thru them.