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Wet driver footwell

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  • Wet driver footwell

    Just bought a Corsa e vxr and noticed the driver footwell is wet especially underneath where the foam padding is. It's even wet up behind pedals and will looks like it has has water. Also behind drivers seat feels damp.any suggestions on what to do or look out for.any help would be appreciated


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    Check that your not loosing coolant !!! , go check the level in the bottle and dont drive it anymore unless you check it ,takes 2 seconds.

    their is a marking that shows where it should be when cold do not check it or open the cap when the car is warm or hot

    does your heating work ? Does it get nice and hot ?

    let me know how you get on


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      so it's definitely not coolant.levels are good and no smell. Car is currently back with the dealership and they have removed the seat and pulled up carpets.the car is sitting underneath a sprinkler system to test for leaks. I called in to the dealership to see what was happening and water is getting in from outside.not sure where yet but their was pools of water in rear driver side on the floor and front too. What could it be if water is getting into rear driver floor? Car has no sunroof so I'm confused


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        Could be any of the seals around the car , im sure that they will get to the bottom of it

        let us know how you get on