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My First VXR.

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  • My First VXR.

    Had the Car a year now so thought it's about time to start tinkering with it and get posting on here again.

    So spec wise it's got the Performance Pack, Carbon Pack and Leather Pack.

    As a bit of background I've previously owned 2 MK7 Fiesta ST's (Spirit Blue ST2 was running Revo Stage 2 and Molten Orange ST3 had the MP215 fitted along with a few other bits) and most recently had a Nissan Juke NismoRS through work.

    Not been the easiest of 1st Years with the VXR but all seems to have settled down with it now. Multiple Bonnet Sensor issues which after being 'fixed' 6 times and replaced twice has now been recirficed with a metal bracket, fitted 3 months ago and no issues since.
    Also had the Clutch pedal lubrictaed numerous times for a squeaking issue. The TPMS has had to be recalibrated twice as even at the correct pressures displayed the light remained on. The Gearbox was atrocious in 1st and 2nd in the cold and made some disgusting clunking noises, the Technician swapped out the Gearbox oil at the service and it's been like driving a different car since, I was advised that sometimes from factory they can come with low oil in?

    Enough of whinging, I've done just under 12,000 miles in the Year and coming upto needing 2 new front tyres, undecided Wether to go with Michelin PS4's or Pirelli PZero's.
    Wanted Uniroyal Rainsport 3's but they don't seem to do them in the size.

    So far I've only put Carbon Bonnet Vents, VXR D Indicator Surrounds and Wind Deflectors on it. Plans this year are for all 3 Rear Windows to be tinted (regret not speccing this on the order), The Maxton Splitter, SideSkkrts, Spoiler Extensions and Rear Splitter, Silencer Delete on the exhaust and the EP Induction Kit.

    Would love to Rempa the car with either Courtenay Sport or WGMotorworks but just a little skeptical with the warranty issues I've had so far in case anything goes wrong.

    I'll post pictures up later when I've figured out how.

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    photobucket to put you photos up bud
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      As above, to post pictures

      FYI - If you are worried about warranty - leave the exhaust std.


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        I'll set up a Photobucket ASAP then.


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          Photo after a 3 stage machine Polish and sealed with GTechniq Evo.
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            Had to swap the 2 Front Tyres as they'd lost all tread. Chosen to go with the Yokohama Advan Sport V105S after all the reviews.
            Got the week off work so slowly but surely Detailing the car. Started with the wheels which have been sealed with Poorboys Nattys Paste Wax.


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              This photo didn't seem to upload last time so once more.


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                Looks good does that mate.
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                  So after going into the Dealers 2 weeks ago to have a few issues looked at was booked back in today to be sorted.
                  The NS Headlight had got all condensation inside it so was being replaced under warranty. Dropped off at 730 to receive a call at 1030 informing me the replacement headlight was damaged so they would not be fitting it and it would need rebooking.
                  This wouldn't have been too bad news if it weren't for the fact the car was also supposed to be having the black trim on the doors replaced as it was peeling. I was then told that the technician would not be able to 'wrap' it and they'd have to get a specialist in to do this.

                  Now I'm not being funny here but is this not preplanned?

                  This is the 3rd Vauxhall dealership I've tried as well as I've lost faith in the other 2. Starting to think it must be a manufacturer problem that no employees seem to have a clue.


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                    Looks very tidy mate!
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                      Bonnet vents look good


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                        Anyone have any ideas how to post photos on here now Photobucket has started to cost?