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  • Body Control Module

    I am told that there is a bulletin for this involving reprogramming because of a risk of battery going flat.
    I dont know if all builds are affected.

    Anyone know more ?

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    Customer Satisfaction Programme: 10-R-028 Astra J, Insignia

    – Body Control Module

    Constant quality controls revealed that on Astra J and Insignia - MY 2010, a Body Control Module (BCM) software failure may drain the battery while the vehicle is parked.

    We advise Vauxhall Authorised Repairers to reprogram the BCM with an improved software version on all affected vehicles listed in the VIN information file.

    Customers will receive notification directly from Vauxhall Central Office. This action is imminent please ensure all front desk staff are made aware of this important campaign
    Due to the large amount of vehicles involved we will implement a phased mailing programme of 20,000 vehicles per month to ensure Repairers workload is manageable.

    The Campaign Information System (CIS) includes all affected vehicles from the 22nd of July 2010.

    Please do not hand vehicles over which have not been reworked.
    Ensure vehicles are reworked and warranty claims are submitted as quickly as possible so we are able to update our records.

    Attachments include, rework instruction, customer letter and master VIN file
    Thank you for your kind support and co-operation in this important matter


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      dont forget to take your security codes if you go in for this update.


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        Originally posted by dougallvxtech View Post
        dont forget to take your security codes if you go in for this update.
        And if you've had a Re-map you'll lose it so contact your Tuner first.....


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          I had my body control module reprogrammed yesterday whilst they were checking the fit of the rear bumper (apparently another recall?).

          All went well and i think i got another option in one of the sub menus. In the locking/unlocking menu an option appeared to relock the car which i'm sure wasn't there before.