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  • Urgent help

    Just running my sub wires through the car, taken the trim off around the inner of the doors and where the seat belt is for the front passengers, and there looks to be some speaker wire soldered into the rear door loom,
    i checked and its both sides.

    im thinking its speaker cable soldered into the rear door speakers to retro fit 6x9s in the parcel shelf.

    anyone know what this extra bit of wire is, as the car is all canbus i dont wish to start connecting speakers to something thats not for speakers and i cause big problems

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    anyone have any idea while the car is in bits, the speaker looking cable is soldered to one green wire with black stripe, and a all green wire


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      Is there a local car audio place where you can drive to and ask them? In that area it could be to do with electric windows, door locking anything!!!


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        iirc, the rear speakers are used for the chimes for the seatbelt and door warning sounds...could be the reason.... still trying to dig out a thread where a guy has already been through this....


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          If you can find the thread will be very much appreciated, only reason I think it's extra speaker cable is I have a salloon vxr and it's got 6x9 holes in the rear accessible from the boot but obviously for the Infiniti upgrade