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alloy wheel chips

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  • alloy wheel chips

    Anyone got touch up paint for the alloys yet? i'm find more and more paint off everytime i wash my wheels, i know some guy's had problems with alloys blistering. I'm in contact with vx customer services at the minute and i have asked is the paint soft on these alloys.

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    if paint is coming off then I think you've got blisters and should get them in for replacement under warranty

    I've got a few chips on mine, 1 has been there since week 1 and its not developed into a bubble, 2 others have obvious stone chips, I think the front wheels do throw these back onto the rears when turning, and being that the spokes do stick out a bit causes this.

    I do think the chips are different to the bubbles,

    I found that Austin Rover Gunmetal is almost identical to the wheel colour, I painted my wheel nut covers as the plastic ones get white blotches from wheel cleaning chemicals very easily but once painted they withstand that really well, only where the paint has been chipped off now do I see a slight whitening of the plastic underneath
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      If you have probs with chips scratches etc on your alloys, best to be very cautious with whatever wheel cleaner you use some of them are horrendously harsh on the alloys and they eat the plastics on the centres for fun....................they could e making the problem worse.
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