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Seized caliper 6 months after replacement

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  • Seized caliper 6 months after replacement

    Hello all,

    First post on here, I have had a look at previous threads, but can't find anything in same circumstances.

    back in April (nearly 6 months ago) I took my Insignia VXR to the dealer, for its interim service and to have a look at a squeak that was coming from the rear near side.

    They told me that the rear near side caliper was seizing, the pad had worn down and the disc had heat damage, so it was a disc, pad and caliper replacement on both sides.

    Yesterday I was driving home and heard the squeak again, got out and touched the disc and it was scorching hot and all the others were just warm to the touch. I've done less than 5000 miles and awaiting a call from Vauxhall, to find out what sort of warranty I get with those parts, because to me, 6 months and less than 5000 miles is a bit unacceptable.

    Has anyone had this issue before? I've read about faulty handbrakes with the electronic one and the possibility that the hand brake could stick, but I'm feeling no drag to the left or resistance when driving.

    The squeak is on and off, heard for a millisecond as a certain part of the rotor pass the pad.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Maybe a non flat rotor.

    Never had this issue, but clearly it will go under their parts and fitting warranty


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      The e-brake might be adjusted poorly and they hadn't noticed when they replaced the calipers. So ask them to make sure they check the parking brake when they replace it.
      2010 Insignia OPC Sports Tourer


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        I had the same caliper replaced yesterday. Had the same issues with squealing.


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          Thanks for replies guys, just wondering if it was a common thing. Waiting for a call from Vauxhall, suppose to call me yesterday. Never happened.


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            Given the amount of brake dust with most oem spec pads I'm not surprised there's some level of seizing going on.