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Radio display not working

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  • Radio display not working

    Hello Everyone, i'm a new insignia vxr (opc) owner from Belgium. I'll make a proper introduction post later.
    anyway, i've bought my vxr 2nd hand and the previous owner changed the head unit for an aftermarket one (pioneer) it's working fine except the small display on top doesn't work anymore, it should display thé time, date and temperature i think but it's stays black. I pulled the head unit out earlier today to check for bad connections but everything seems alright. Is there anything else I can try or do? Oh and i think it had a cd300 as standard, not sure about that though. Any help is appreciated!

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    Hi you will need an adaptor to plug in to get the display working i'm not sure they do one for that make, i had an alpine in my previous vxl and i got one for that


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      Is it possible to switch the display with one from the cd400 or another one to get it working? It bothers me more than it should that it's not working.


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        if you want it all working I would look for a factory unit and remove the pioneer one, it would bother me too


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          as much as love a good stereo in a car , I just don't see the point of upgrading on a car where all the screens are linked in , as above , go back to the standard set up pal


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            Well it had the pioneer unit installed when i bought it, now i have sta nav, bluetooth, USB,.. the cd300 has none of that. Paying another €100-€200 for a factory unit which is a huge step back is a bit silly so i'll just have to live with the little display not working. Thanks for the feedback.