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    Right guys sorry for all the questions I have getting a new haldex the guys said It will fit my car but I need to use my old ecu as the one on the new box is from a newer car dose this sound right

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    I don't think so as it need to go on computer to clear faults after fitting as l only got my haldex serviced through garage not Vauxhall as they claim not serviceable part why are you replacing haldex?


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      To be safe I'd swap the ecu, but a overhaul would be better in my opinion. Unless it's a new unit.


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        The Haldex diff unit is a generic unit

        The computer programming inside the Haldex unit is not generic but customized according to the car make/model.

        So a Volvo/VW haldex unit itself can be swapped with the Opel, but the computer can not.

        So if you got a generic Haldex unit with different OEM programming they're gonna ask you to put the old Haldex computer back in.
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