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remove / install pre cat delete pipe

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  • remove / install pre cat delete pipe

    before i begin , you really need a 2 post ramp for this but with a decent trolley jack and axle stands its easy enough on your driveway
    you will need
    socket set 3/8 or 1/2 inch
    trolley jack
    axle stands ( optional )
    13mm & 15mm spanners
    2 13mm nuts bolts and washers for new pipe
    "how to"
    firstly raise the car , needs to be quite high and in the middle can be at either side , be carefull not to damage sills or skirts , use axle stands for extra support if needs be
    get under the car and locate the front pipe , its obvious , familiarise yourself with what is where! it has 3 tri bolt fixing at the front ,a hanger and 2 bolts at the back
    now using your socket set , setup the long extension , ratchet and 13mm socket , undo 3 front nuts and gently pull it till it dangles ,
    now undo the 2 rear 13mm on the centre section and part til the front pipe is free to be moved around
    now take a 15mm spanner and above the hanger is a nut ( spanner will be aginst the heat shield but there is room ) , its fiddly but undo this nut and then be ready to catch the pipe as it reaches the end of the thread , once you have the pipe off all you need to do is part the hanger rubber and the zorst , undo the 13mm and squeeze it off , use PTFE spray to make it easier as it is kinda tight !
    thats removal ,
    ive only dealt with the bashtuck delete pipe which has no nut on the zorst hanger , so squeez zorst back on to hanger then your ready to install ,
    make sure both front and rear metal gaskets are in place , use zorst paste if needs be ( but you shouldnt need it )
    firstly put the nut in the jaws of the 15mm spanner ( the nut will still be above the bracket) the spanner will hold it centre while you start it off , gently offer up the hanger then turn the spanner , it should start easily but persisit if it doesnt , once it is then tighten it up fully usuing the open end of the spanner
    pipe should then dangle
    now reattach the front 3 bolts with gasket , nice and tight
    then the rear 2 with gasket , you will need a 13mm nut and bolt for each side so use socket set and spanner to tighten , and thats it
    lower the car and check for leaks once the car is running
    any Q's about this process PM me im HTH

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    This sounds very helpful mate thanks bud!!


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      This sounds like the main cat pipe not pre cat.

      good write up tho.
      Saab Turbo X 2.8V6T XWD - JZW stage 1 REV 1 - 321bhp 437 ft-lbs / 592NM


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        Which is the best one to buy?


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          The best option is to change the pre-cat pipe ( turbo - secondary cat) for a 3" de-cat. Then change the secondary cat for a 3" pipe with a 3" sports cat.
          Saab Turbo X 2.8V6T XWD - JZW stage 1 REV 1 - 321bhp 437 ft-lbs / 592NM