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[New Car / Progress Thread]Finally....My Insignia VXR

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  • [New Car / Progress Thread]Finally....My Insignia VXR

    Hey Guys

    Some of you may know that last year (more or less this time last year), i was involved in a pretty bad crash with my Insignia SRI 2.0T, which resulted in the car being written off.

    I've spent the year with a diesel 1.7 Astra H as my main car / commuter car, with my sisters TMS Stage 3 Astra J VXR quenching my thirst for when i felt like a more spirited drive.

    I recently started looking at a new car, from various brands (Merc Audi and VW), but, for the money, outright cost, maintenance and how much car you get for your money, I followed my gut and bought an Insignia VXR, the specification is below:

    2011 Insignia VXR 4 Door Saloon
    1 Owner from New
    11400 Miles on the Clock
    Olympic White
    Full leather Recaro Seats
    CD 500 Navi System
    Electric Folding Mirrors
    Infinity Sound System
    Climate Control

    No Parking Sensors!!! - You don't understand how long it took to find a model with leather, and no parking sensors in white for under 20 grand.... LOL.

    Some pictures

    Plans / Progress

    Currently Stage 4, looking for a big turbo upgrade, with engine and transmission mods to support, similar to what James has done with his.


    TMS Custom Mapping
    TMS Downpipe
    TMS Custom Exhaust (Stage 2, rebuilt again for a better sounds,less boom and now sits a lot higher to avoid knocks and scrapes)
    TMS (Pace Products) Intercooler (Stage 3)
    Owens Hybrid Turbo (Stage 4)
    AP Racing 6 Pot Brake Kit (Bells, Rotors, Calipers)
    Ferodo DS2000 pads Front and Rear
    Motul RBF 660 4.0 Brake Fluid
    Front AP Racing Brake Lines
    Rear HEL Brake Lines
    H+R Lowering Springs
    H+R Spacers (20mm Per Side)
    TMS Geometry Setup
    Hunter Road Force Wheel Balancing
    Mtech Short Shifter
    Matt Chrome sprayed black
    TMS Upgraded Rear Differential
    Timing Chain upgrade complete by nick150
    Stock 20 Inch Wheels
    [Oct 2021] - Full Black Diamond Single Mass conversion and stage 2.5 Clutch kit fitted at 67000 Miles
    • Subframe refurb
    • Replaced bad nuts and bolts found
    • Exhaust bracket repair
    • Turbo pipe repair (welded)
    Full Powerflex Polyurethane bush kit covering suspension and engine mounts (everything they have to offer to date)

    Ill keep the thread and OP up to date as the car progresses.

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    Nice car mate.

    Looks a minter
    Progress Thread -[/SIZE]


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      Very nice, especially as a saloon.


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        Ha! Snap! Keep us updated with the progress mate - best colour too ;-)


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          Nice clean looking motor. Good luck with all the upgrade work. Will be subscribing to thread


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            nice mate.


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              [New Car / Progress Thread]Finally....My Insignia VXR

              Nice choice Sundeep. Have a look at Dan's Thread and you'll see where they end up if you go much beyond Stage 3. A lot of heartache and a fortune spent for the pain. Stick to Stage 3 and enjoy.
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                Stunning car mate. Stage 3 is fun ^^^^^^^


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                  Very nice matey

                  Astra vxr complete

                  Full TMS rebuild Owens HTA k04


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                    Looking good mate, you can get some sensors fitted for minimal cost


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                      I wanna see it go further them I know when to stop. Lol good luck mate cracking car.


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                        Thanks for the comments guys, will be doing it step by step, not in a major rush, just want to explore what this car can really do, ive been reading over Dans threads and know what may be the first weakest links, im hoping my haldex, due to it being a later ish model wont give me any trouble (Fingers crossed).

                        The facelift has 60% of the rear axle revised (from reading the press release), with new ESP software, im hoping to find out whats changed, and possibly 'port' these new changes over to the one i have, if they provide the benefits to the reports of judder and haldex issues we have had here with pre-facelift models.

                        I was meant to say i didnt want parking sensors, and it took a while to find a well specked Siggy with no parking sensors, its a personal pet hate lol, i really cant understand why parking sensors haven't come forward with technology where you don't need to see the holes in the bumpers haha

                        Either way, i know the engine it self is strong, and good for about 500 bhp without major work, its the Haldex and oil pump / feed which became soft with that level of tune from looking at Dans thread. Will see how development goes




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                          I don't want to burst your bubble, it's a stunning car, but mine's a 61 plate (Nov) which had a haldex at 14k and now needs either prop or drive shafts at 18k. Keep an eye on it lad


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                            Originally posted by michaelsanderson View Post
                            I don't want to burst your bubble, it's a stunning car, but mine's a 61 plate (Nov) which had a haldex at 14k and now needs either prop or drive shafts at 18k. Keep an eye on it lad
                            Cheers mate, will keep an eye on it, luck of the draw i guess, hopefully wont cause me any issues.


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                              Nice fella, keep an eye on this thread from now on
                              Arden Astra VXR WGM350 stage 4.5
                              Progress thread.......Instagram Chris.Lee 1973
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