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Boot Accessory Socket.

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  • Boot Accessory Socket.

    One for the tecnical guys here:-

    The Meriva has a place in the boot for a 12V accessory socket. The circular hole (to the left hand side) is covered by a blanking plate. I believe the socket comes as an option when you order the car with travel assist.

    So me been me i decided to pop off the trim and blanking cover and low and behold the wiring is taped up for the socket. I ordered the part from the dealer and tried to fit it today. Everything went fine, socket fitted straight in and the wiring plug went straight on to the rear of the socket. Problem now is it isn't working, i checked the handbook thinking it was a fuse but there is no mention of it under fuses.

    Here is the two possible problems:-

    The car will need tech2 to programme it to enable the socket. or

    The accessory socket came with three prongs on it, the wiring plug taped up behind the trim only has two wires going to it. Will i need another wire maybe an earth or will that be buried somewhere.

    Just thought some of the Vauxhall techie lads might be able to shed some light.

    Thanks in advance,


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    May be worth popping the one behind your seat to see if 3 wires are connected on that. Also perhaps the 3rd wire is for lighting ring. Have you checked for current yet on either of the 2 wires?


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      I'll have a look at the rear one Mark. I have tested the wires and the socket and it is dead. It's deffo the correct multiplug as it slides straight on and clips in place plus there are no others about. I am thinking on the side of tech 2 now Mark, maybe it needs enabling which it would be at the factory if the rear travel assist pack it specified. I'm getting the car tech'd next week anyway as i have ordered a flippy key so will ask if it's in the menu on tech2.




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        Job sorted!! Popped a 20A fuse in the trailer connection space in the fusebox and it's on! Great little mod this costs less than £2 and takes about 10 mins! Ideal for coolboxes etc in the boot.