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  • new member to the vxr range


    just waiting to collect my new meriva vxr from greens in rainham. Really looking forward to getting it just wanted to know if your pleased with your meriva. cheers

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    I love the Meriva, really wanted one but just a tad out of price range for me. What colour are you getting. Good guys at Greens, excellent dealership. I borrowed one from them for a weekend (back in March/April) and fell in love with the car, doing nearly 500 miles in 3 days, ooopppssss, sorry Brian. Check out the road report I did for it.


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      It's a good car, a well kept secret IMO. It's practical (quite roomy for such a compact vehicle) and yet fun to drive fast, not many cars can offer that.. I've enjoyed mine every bit, hope you like yours too

      Btw, looks a lot better in flesh. Turns a lot of heads in arden blue, esp. the chicks seem to love it. Most sport car fanatics will come and say something like "that will roll badly in bends", "small engine like that must have a lot of turbo lag" etc.. little they know


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        "chicks seem to love it......."

        Maybe young mothers at tesco......!!!! he he he
        Insignia VXR, quite nippy!


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          Maybe, but my ego can handle that.


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            well tomorrows the day i pick up my flame red mervia cant wait to get it, does anyone know if you can do any tweeks to these little rockets


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              The best tweak is to use always 98 RON fuel any lower than that will result in loss of performance (not much but def. noticable). Higher octane than that will not boost performance though, at least in this car, tried and tested.

              Another good tweak is to get lighter alloys (the original rims are massive ), I'm maybe getting team dynamics pro race 1.2 next summer.

              Not sure about suspension, KW has a set for older diesels (front axle mass similar to VXR), not sure if it will work with VXR, wouldn't want to risk it though. The handling is very good in std. form, little initial roll but will take to some serious cornering if you have enough confidence. I've managed to get it slide when braking fast into a tight corner so def. not understeer if you have correct tyre pressures (I have 40PSI both front/back now).

              Another possible tweaks are a chip and exhaust, none available yet though AFAIK. Not sure if the original exhaust is that restrictive, I like the sound it makes so I'm not changing it unless it will get me better performance.. The air filter is also best left std.