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  • overboost??

    whats the deal with overboost :? and when is it activated, could someone please explan

    many thanks

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    It's activated when gas pedal is pressed quickly for example when overtaking, lasting about five seconds. This is what the factory says. Here's what my experiences are so far:

    The feature seems to be dependent on running conditions (airflow/IAT) and fuel quality. For example with 95 RON fuel it was more difficult to get the car overboost unless the car had run for some time @ higher speeds & low load to cool it down (higher IAT will make lower octane fuel detonate more easily -> ECU will retard ignition & overboost not available).

    With 98 RON grade fuel the overboost seems work more often (almost all the time), can't really notice the difference like with lower grade fuel. Actually it seems like constant performance with 98 RON is similar to what you get with 95 RON & overboost.

    All information based on acceleration timings so not the most accurate method but I'd say the difference is obvious enough after getting similar results after several runs. If anyone has more accurate information about this feature it's highly appreciated..


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      ahhh right thanks for that i understand now