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Sold the VXR!

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  • Sold the VXR!

    Just to let you know I have sold the Meriva. After the poor experience i had with the dealer getting my order wrong and owning the car for four months it didn't suit us as we thought it would.

    It is a cracking drive but as an every day family & work run about it doesn't work for us. The wife found it very difficult to drive as I did but i finally adjusted to it. The interior trim is easily marked, the recaro seat bases are too narrow for my muckspreader and i felt as though i was on them than in them.

    The car will be a good second family motor for someone and it will be like most Vauxhall's a better used buy than new. We have gone for a Vectra cdti SRi with AFL, Park assist and colour nav. I have really missed my Vectra C that i part ex'd for the Meriva so i'm going back to the facelift one.

    This car has put me off buying brand new for life, the Dealers near me just are not interested in selling a new Vauxhall to an enthusiast like me with 17 years of Vauxhall ownership. I have gone out of Leeds totally now for my Vectra and so far i'm happy with the new dealership.

    So to sum the Meriva up here my thought:-

    Cracking drive when you have the chance to use it.
    Certain interior parts finished nicely
    Very good exterior looks


    Not an everyday family runabout
    Dificult to drive
    Some cheap interior trim that marks permanantly at the lightest of touches.
    Seat bases too narrow although backrests are fine.
    Poor reception on all bands of the CD30 mps stereo.
    Steering controls for stereo take an age to adjust volume via them easier using stereo control.

    I think the main problem i had with it was image. Been 6 foot 3" and 15 stone i always felt a bit of a burke driving it. The kids loved it and i'm getting some serious grief for selling it.

    Thanks to everyone on here for there advice especially Mark and Dougie
    for their assistance when the dealer screwed up.

    Best regards,


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    BOOOOO BOOOOO hisss how can you do it. Seriously though hope you like the new car and sorry it didn't work out. Not all cars will suite everyone. At least you stayed with Vauxhall. Sure the Vectra will be great.

    Keep in touch though.


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      I totally understand why you chose to sell it. It does not suit everyone and definitely not the easiest car to drive because of the sharp throttle response (no sport button in meriva). I for one would not let my wife drive it (not before some serious practice anyway). The front seats may also be too narrow for some people. I'm a thin person and it still got some getting used to.

      It's rewarding once you learn it however. I especially like the brakes, you can swing the back nicely when braking into corners which makes this car a very agile little van. Also the engine is great for this size car. So for me this car is spot on. Hope you like your new vectra though, I'm sure it was a good choice.


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        It is interesting how you say the throttle is sharp. I think its just that initial take. I found the Meriva the best all rounder out of all the VXR's. Not the quickest , not the best handling, but the easiest to drive quickly.


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          i found it a fun car to drive around the track, was different


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            Originally posted by Sparky
            It is interesting how you say the throttle is sharp. I think its just that initial take. I found the Meriva the best all rounder out of all the VXR's. Not the quickest , not the best handling, but the easiest to drive quickly.
            That initial take takes some time to get used to if you've driven other brand cars like VW. But it's not bad once you get used to it. Also fuel seems to have its own effect on it. I found v-power a lot more twitchy than regular 98 RON. I haven't tried other VXR(/OPC) models (they are quite rare here in finland so difficult to get for a test drive) so I don't know if they are even sharper, some people say they are impossible to drive smoothly with sport button on..


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              I put ordinary 95 ron fuel into the Astra yesterday as I knew it was going. I only noticed a very slight difference in performance and if I am honest I preferred it as it wasn't quite as brutal.


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                I generally have to put 95 in my car as I have company fuel card and they don't like me using 97/98/99 ron fuels. Every once in a while I do put some V-Power in (sneak it in under the accountants radar) but to be honest the difference is so slight it's almost not worth it (certainly not for day to day driving), although I do agree you do feel a slight less bite from the throttle, and this does make motorway driving more 'normal'.

                Personally never had a problem with any VX cars in terms of clutch/throttle/drive and hence why I buy VX now as I like all the cars, and have driven most of the range without incident or issue, but I suppose it all depends on each drivers preference and therefore I can understand how some may not like the feel of the car as it pulls away (had a KIA once and hated it because of it's pull away feel, or lack of).

                Shame you had to sell your Meriva and hopefully the Vectra will return that nice happy driving feeling.


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                  Most of you will know the problem I had on the delivery of my Meriva VXR. It turned up without the spec i'd ordered it with but after compensation was agreed and i took the car. Four months on and i'd agreed a deal with Perry's Vauxhall near Barnsley for a 6 month old Vectra SRi CDTI. The car they were going to get in for me was from Network Q as i wanted an SRi with decent spec. I narrowly missed a Misty grey one with bluetooth, sat nav, park assist and AFL.

                  The sales Manager then found a black one with AFL and park assist on his system. I'll get it in for you pay a deposit of £100 and it will be here next week. I got them to agree to velour mats, boot liner, diamondbrite and full tank of derv. He phones me Friday it's ready get your drive away insurance sorted and come and get it Saturday.

                  Ok fine so far, hoping that everything would be better than my previous disaster with the Meriva (which was a different dealer by the way). I turn up on Satruday afternoon sales Manager comes out with big grin, it looks great he said, it's been diamond brighted and taxed ready to go.

                  On approaching the car i noticed the AFL lights and washers so that's sound, I'm looking at the front bumper so i said where's park assist? He replies it's got it, it was beeping when i parked it. Looks round the back and it's got a tacky aftermarket kit with the sensors on top edge of bumper not central.

                  Next up chrome strips on windows, now i know these are a common fault for tarnishing but these were well gone, i'll get them done on Network Q he said.

                  I opens the boot no bootliner as agreed, i'll get one ordered he said, opens the drivers door sh1tty old grey mats, i'll get them ordered he said. I also noticed a couple of scratches round the car with a gouge in front bumper.

                  He then starts to try tell me it's got park assist, it was beeping in reverse, it said on the network Q system it had it. My reply was Park Assist from the factory is front and rear sensors with a switch on the dash to overide, as you can see it hasn't got them.

                  Here we go again i'm thinking, so made the decision i don't want the car. No park assist, chrome strips shot, no boot liner and no velour mats.

                  But he said i've taxed it and diamondbrited it for you, my reply was what about the spec it hasn't got, the extra's you had agreed to put in. Then there was silence for about 20 seconds, put the refund back on my card i'm off.

                  There's my story again, anyone recommend a decent Vauxhall Dealer in Yorkshire as i for the life of me Can't find one!!



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                    Try nidvale again Paul, but this time deal with Sarah, I had no problems at all and can't fault the after sales service I have had so far.


                    ps. I don't think that numpty you dealt with is there any more, I haven't seem him for a while.


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                      Sacked him apparantly he went last week.


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                        I know they are not near you but Greens of Rainham and Marshalls Ipswich are terrific. perhaps they can sort it for you and go get it and then serice as you need too.

                        Sorry to hear you situation.


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                          thats good news then, must be worth a second try now then.