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Should I buy a Merive vxr?

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  • Should I buy a Merive vxr?

    Hello, good evening and welcome...

    I am the happy owner of a Meriva 1.6, and the boss owns a Renault clio 182. She had devided that the clio had to go, and be replaced by an audi TT (until she drove one).

    So major change of mind.... the meriva has to go to be replaced with something less boring! A Meriva VXR, which our dealer has sold none of, but is prepared to discount by 2.5 grand without being asked!

    I need the capacity and usefulness of the mini-mpv, it hauls all sort of stuff around the country.

    Is the VRX version madness, or is it a practical everyday tool? If I really want to play loonies, the clio does that nicely - do I really want a hot hatch and a hot granny-mobile?

    I think the 1.6 ordinary is a cracking load-lugging everyday tool, but is adding 80bhp the act of a sane person

    Cheers, and any advice very welcome


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    Yes it's madness, well yes it can be practical but I wouldn't buy it for that purpose alone as it's much more. It's the kind of car that shouldn't be done but after you try it you know why they made it. It's so much fun I'm still not tired of mine after half year ownership. :wink:


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      Thanks for that, sounds ideal Roof bars and a couple of 15' ladders on top sounds OK.

      I shall lean on my dealer for a test drive, which should be a laff...



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        Check out my road report on the Meriva. I still long for one as I think the car is cracking. Well worth it. If you decide against tell me your dealer as I would be interest in one being discounted at that rate.


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          I'm in the far north west. The dealer (Dobies) offered a 2,250 discount straight off, instead of a low interest deal. I'll see if I can arrange to have a look at one & test drive, then decide.

          To be honest, I'd not considered one, but the boss wanted to have a look at the new corsa, and see what that was like - but they only do a 1.4 atm.

          The sales guy then said 'we have deals on the meriva vxr, and she was interested........


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            BTW, thanks for the road report - convinced me


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              Turns out to be a no no, insurance turns out to be a show stopper, can't get cover for a 21yo named driver ( it is 12e group), though my existing clio 182 (group15) is OK. Something odd with Tesco & the like...