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Took delivery of VXR

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  • Took delivery of VXR

    So I took delivery of the Silver Mervia on Monday. This is such a cool car. Some how the local(ish) dealer managed a 20% discount on the car and no they are not having it back if they got it wrong.

    I decided to collect it myself from another dealer in North Yorkshire, who had prepared it very well, even though they where not the selling dealer. Full credit to JB motors, Malton.

    The drive home was straight forward down the A1 and covered 242 miles. The car returned 38mpg even though it is tight.

    You have to really watch what you are doing on initial full away as its like a cat being chased by a dog.

    The steering is very direct and accurate giving you full feed back.

    Brakes are sharp but easy to get use too. Build quality is excellent and the revised A pillar trims have aided the vision too the side.

    Just waiting now for the opportunity to open it up. It may not be the fastest VXR, the biggest VXR, but it has to be said it is the easiest VXR to drive and loads of fun.

    Will post some pics soon.

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    Hey that's cool, waiting for the pics!


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      Good luck with it Mark. The silver ones really do look well. There's one local to me with AFL'S fitted and it does look excellent.


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        sounds good cant wait to see pics


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          Yo Sparky

          I live just outside Malton , Im a newbie today and have just ordered a brand spanker Meriva VXR from JB Motors....

          Its a small world( or should that be a Meriva VXR world)

          The Force moves in Mysterious Ways! ey lad