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Driving the meriva vxr.

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  • Driving the meriva vxr.

    Had the pleasure of driving a meriva vxr last week. WOW great motor !
    Allmost no effort needed to drive the car the steering is even lighter than the corsa platform its based on even with running 17" alloys. which added to the driving experience !

    I was lucky enough to have what you might call an extended test drive lots and lots of miles no quick 5 minute jobbie here which was great!

    The gearchange has to be one of the most slickest I`ve come across from the m32 box,I was soon finding 5th and 6th gears even on low revs It pulls with no hint that the gear your in is too high,it just took a little longer for the turbo to spool up with no low end judder or fuss,I just hope its the same or as good when I get my box.

    I drove it down A and B roads and some dual carraige ways what a hoot ! even tho the car had only a few miles on it it pulled really strongly and effortlessly.

    Infact when exiting a roundabout the owner asked me if I had applied full throttle !!! I had not, I hoped this had pleased him :wink:

    If I ever needed a mpv when kids come along I would without hesitation go straight for the meriva vxr a great package.Yes I was that impressed.

    The only grumbles,well slight niggles.

    Were that at first the front seats did feel a little close round my lardy rear end but I soon got used to it and forgot about it.

    And the lack of noise inside the cabin when moving swiftly ,unlike the astra vxr,But to be fair no full throttle was applied so this may not be the case.
    3.2 Vectra B ,V6 SRi Challenge car rear solid sub frame and adjustable rear trailing arms ,carbon fibre coated fuel tank and quaife 6 speed box

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    I still think you should do the Agila with a 1.6/2.0 VXR engine in and trimmed in VXR interior!!!!, 17 inch wheels, better brakes etc etc. In red of course, what a hoot, it would be even funnier than the Meriva.


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      My friend has a new Octavia II vRS.

      We did a short test run with my friend, 60-120 (km/h) in 3rd gear. We did 2 runs to make sure. Guess what, it was an even match! We tried before when I had filled with 95 octane and I had no chance, but now with 98 octane it was different case. And he was running shell v-power 99+oct!

      Might be a different scenario at higher speeds but in 3rd gear the car pulls very well indeed.