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Does it have Twinport and D-CVCP technology

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  • Does it have Twinport and D-CVCP technology

    This is quoted on the vaux site

    "The new engine is based on the main geometries of the 1.6l Twinport and the new 1.8l D-CVCP. It was developed together with the 1.8l engine to meet the durability requirements of both. The weight-and load-optimized hollow-frame block concept achieves a weight-to-power ratio of 0.989kg/kW, placing it in the top segment of charged production engines."

    what does it mean by based on main geometires? does it have these technologies? Would it also have EGR( exhaust gas recirculation)?

    I am thinking of getting a meriva vxr but would like to know what technology the engine has...also..what sort of turbo does it use? twin scroll, variable geometry turbo?

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    Well to honest I don't know enough about the cars detailed mechanics yet, but what I would say is it is one cool car. Its funny and when given 200bhp its even funnier!!

    It handles in a way that says it shouldn't do this is. Has to be the easiest VXR to drive, makes good progress and surprises.

    I know it dosen'rt answer the main questions your asking but everyone that has either been in mine or driven it sits there with their mouths open. Not because its the fastest but it just surprises them.

    I am sure either VXl techs will answer your questions.


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      yeah..thanks for your reply...everytime i buy a car..i try to understand the technology and the components it use to see if its value for the vectra comes with a twin scroll turbo, v6, and vvt. all for £ would say that is ok value..but handling on it can improve a little (according to reviews).

      for example, im fasincated by the i-vtec, vvtl-i, and turbo fsi technologies....


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        The twin scroll on the Vectra is to allow both banks to feed the single turbo. As you'll realise the Meriva is straight 4 and probably dosen't have twin scroll. Vauxhall are well into variable valve timing now

        As for the vectra's handling thats down to preference. I have both the Vectra and Meriva and the Vectra is not hard but takes some getting use too, having IDS, where as the Meriva is plug and play type of situation.

        The Vectra's handling is very good, its just a shame some people just don't work with it. I teach driving and I can assure the Vectra does handle and well at that, it has its own character so don't be fooled.


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          the astra vxr doesn't have doesn;t have twinport....i mean pay an extra £2k for a golf gti with dsg and fsi seems like vauxhall are way behind

          Im a big fan of twinport tech as i currently own a corsa 1.4 twinport....i can get about 45-50mpg...(mostly town driving) and i know some 1.2 (non twinport engine) struggle to get 40mpg...

          twin scroll helps a turbo to spin up faster, the meriva has a 1.6 and small turbo, is it for this reason why there is no twin scroll turbo fitting as it can sufficiently spin the turbine of the turbo relatively easily?


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            crikey, ive gone crossed eyed


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              Hands up I can't answer all the Q's , as for the Vectra's yes it helps in a couple ways, yes spins up quickly but also the balance from fron to rear on a single unit, baring in mind it has 2 feeds inot it.

              As for fuel , the Meriva gets a good 40 on a run. and the Vectra 35. As for the Astra, folk shave said they get a good 36 to the gallon on a run.


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                Yes it has twinport and the cam lifts are tuned for good torque. This makes the car pull very cleanly & strong straight from tickover. The lower block and crank are from 1.8 engine. The pistons are oil-jet cooled and valves sodium cooled. The turbocharger is a water cooled unit but it doesn't have twinscroll. However the turbocharger is integrated in the exhaust manifold and clever sizing of turbine / compressor wheel plus short control pressure passages make it react very quickly. The intake manifold is also designed so that it can be changed for bio-fuel use like CNG later.

                There is a PDF to order about the engine @ in case you're interested in details.

                It might lack twinscroll & direct injection but it's still a cracking lil' motor nevertheless. :wink:


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                  sorry i've just looked at the site link you posted & i cant seem to find reference to the PDF file you mention.


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                    There was also a cached html conversion of the PDF @ google some time ago but can't seem to find the link anymore, guess they removed it, sorry.. :?

                    edit: I have the PDF so if anyone needs it PM me with your e-mail adress.


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                      Thats very interesting.

                      I did not know the Meriva had the same Gear box as the Astra VXR.
                      The link says "It is combined with the M32 6-speed transmission".


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                        Not a surprise really as this engine seems to have a lot more torque than stated. Mine put out 310nm on dyno with overboost. And yes the dyno was accurate because there were other cars that put out std. figures. For example my friends Octavia II vRS that I've had a go with and it was neck to neck Even Golf GTI's seem to have trouble showing the good old pair of heels for this little van.

                        Now it seems to me that the main difference with upcoming corsa and outgoing meriva engines could be just the stated power figure