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The trick to make it go fast is

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  • The trick to make it go fast is

    To give it ethanol. Some stations sell 98 RON with 2-5% ethanol blend (at least where I live). This should improve performance noticably. Mine goes better now than it ever did with shell V-Power for example (it's a load of bull anyway, marketing hype to the max).

    Nearly put my friends Octavia II vRS (and that car is a good performer even in std. form) to shame. It was neck to neck, neither of us could believe it at first (his car was running v-power which was measured putting out 216bhp on dyno) :? I've been trying to pursue him to let go of v-power but he still insists using it

    Now the question remains what is it about ethanol that makes the car go faster. The octane rating should stay the same that with other 98 RON fuels but perhaps there is more to performance than just the octane rating..

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    Here is some interesting background information about the Saab Biopower engines...

    It states, that bioethanol has higher octane rating.
    When running on E85 (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline), their 2.0t engine goes from 150 bhp til 180 bhp and from 240 nm to 280 nm.


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      Well, maybe it's more likely due to better overall fuel quality or something like that. 2-5% hardly makes it ethanol... The performance boost is still quite noticable to shell v-power or regular 98 RON so I'm quite happy using it, even MPG is pretty good (or litres / 100 km like way say here)..

      85% ethanol content is a whole other thing for those new standards (new turbo saabs and swedish super car like the koenigsegg run with it). Kind of envy my swedish neighbours since we are still far from getting E85 here in Finland.

      I'm not sure this car would even run with higher ethanol rating like that in stock form. Still the technical PDF says something about provisions for later bio fuel use (mainly CNG) so who knows.. Waiting for the damn government to boost bio fuel production.